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Hope for the future a World Vitiligo Day Special by Nobuntu ‘Qhawekazi’ Morake

Children, research and hope for the future Representation is very important when it comes to raising awareness for conditions such as Vitiligo, it is very essential to society and those

Beyond Vitiligo | The Twitter Thread

Beyond Vitiligo | The Twitter Thread So this past week #finepeoplefromSouthAfrica was trending on Twitter and as vitiligo change agents we decided to jump onto the hashtag. @Gaonetlhong requested our

Memoirs of a mother raising a child with Vitiligo

I started noticing my daughter’s patches in 2015, but I never paid much attention to it as I thought it was just an allergic reaction. I can recall that Amina

Thatohatsi is very bubbly and she’s the princess of the house as narrated by her Mother Lele

At the age of 3, when we went to fetch her from visiting grandparents after school holidays we noticed the spots on both of her eyes. Her dad thought I

Gaone Tlhong M&G 200 young South Africans 2012

Although its precise cause is unknown, vitiligo causes pale regions in the skin in which cells that produce pigment are mysteriously destroyed. One in 100 of us have it but

Olerato knows the super hero spots on his face are called vitiligo as narrated by his mother, Thembi.

The spot on his left eye developed when he was 2 years 6 months, His Paediatrician thought nothing of it as he was admitted in a hospital at the time

The path to unconditional self-acceptance story by Molebatsi Ramalapa

I have been living with segmental vitiligo for almost my entire life. As a toddler, I started losing pigmentation in my right leg which later progressed to other areas. I

Rejection doesn’t take away my unique beauty

I have been living with vitiligo since I was 13 years old, my name is Natalie Malinda. It took me years to accept this condition, it made me more resentful

Vitiligo takes nothing from me by Nandi Mabece

My vitiligo it’s segmental, it’s only on my right leg. I got my first patch on my knee when I was 8, I went to dermatologists, general practitioner in Lenasia

Vitiligo taught me self-love by Siza Dlodlo

I started having vitiligo at the age of 16 years and it has not been an easy journey.  I had to learn to love myself and to be able to protect

I used lipstick as a concealer for my vitiligo, this is my story by Tebby Mphela

A few years ago, in the year 2013, I was 22 at the time. One morning I woke up saw this little white mark on the right side of my

Nobuntu Morake the beautiful and vigorous young lady

“I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.” My name is Nobuntu Morake, a young ‘vitiligan’ lady, born and bred in Kagiso, a township in the