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Beyond Vitiligo was founded on 25 June 2011, it’s an idea that has been gathering motion throughout the years. The organisation was named Beyond Vitiligo because of the notion that vitiligo has no cure and the only way to beat vitiligo is by accepting the skin condition and be able to see beyond the patches. Today BV is operating as a fully registered Non-profit organisation, with CIPC and Department of Social development. Currently, we have 40 members including three kids aged 3, 5 and 7.

The organisation was started by Gaone Tlhong.


The founder of Beyond Vitiligo South Africa which gave birth to Beyond Vitiligo in Botswana. Gaone started here vitiligo awareness as early as 2009 and established the organization in 2011. She is a wife and proud mother of two children and an avid marathon runner who has competed in two Comrades marathons. Gaone is a member of vitiligo organizations which include IADPO, VIPOC, and Vitiligo in Africa and has worked with numerous organizations in South Africa.

Gaone has had the opportunity to work with Vitiligo medical researchers, Dermatologists that focuses more on Vitiligo and Vitiligo patient leaders. She has gained and in-depth knowledge about the condition and being a member of Global Skin has also expanded her knowledge on other 41 skin conditions. One of the biggest highlight is meeting Maxine Whitton in France, she contributed a lot on vitiligo worldwide. Ogo Maduwesi has been a pillar of strength in the fight against vitiligo in Africa and inspiration to Gaone.

She is the current CEO of Simboti Digital and TNG Solutions companies that are based in Midrand Johannesburg South Africa.

Reference: 2012 Mail & Guardian 200 Young South African making a difference in the Health sector.

Gaone in the media

Gaone has featured in numerous media publications:

Class of 2019

“When I was 22, a trauma caused my vitiligo to reappear, which took me back to the bullying I experienced during my childhood. I felt hopeless, isolated and not beautiful enough. What I didn’t know was that all I went through was preparing me for a breakthrough. I feel honoured to be one of the first... "

Unconditional Love - Gaone Tlhong is Living Life to the Full With Vitiligo

Yesterday, RML shared a picture of a bride with vitiligo on her wedding day and it was surprising how much people liked it. Some made a comment about the bride using foundation, but these posts are about acceptance of vitiligo...

Organisation fights for rights of persons suffering from rare disease

Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin colour in blotches and the rate of colour loss from vitiligo is unpredictable. It affects the skin on any part of your body and may also affect the hair and the inside of the mouth.

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Aims and Objectives

To  create awareness on vitiligo in South Africa.

To find out the latest developments on cure of vitiligo.

Counselling of vitiligo patients.

Solidifying relationships with stakeholders and funders internationally.

To educate South African communities on vitiligo.

Distribute sunscreen to vitiligo patients especially those who can’t afford i.e. Vitiligo essential pack.

To engage young people from schools that are likely to be victimized.

The organisation also wants to embody artists in different platforms.

To establish Beyond Vitiligo centre where we can operate from.

Our Mission

Fighting stigma

Fighting stigma on Vitiligo in South African communities and beyond through creating Awareness, Support, Viducating, and Acceptance.


One of the major objectives to reach all corners of South Africa to educate the communities on Vitiligo; this will be done through media and numerous outreach programs.


It is to be provided to those affected by the skin condition through workshops, true-life stories and sharing ideas on the new medications. This support will be extended to parents with children affected by Vitiligo in order for them to understand the emotional stress associated with Vitiligo.


BV intends to Viducate (Vitiligoeducation) the community on the effects of Vitiligo and history through social media networks, lectures, presentations, roadshows, TVshows, radio interviews, etc.


We intend to create an environment that encourages the acceptance of Vitiligo infected individuals in the community and as well as reaching out to communities to accept Vitiligo as a normal skin condition. As discovered, Vitiligo has been associated with numerous cultural connotations in the community, making it difficult for its acceptance.

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